To My Beloved – A Poem

LakeTo my beloved,

If you find me here,

Then it is because you have been

The resourceful person that I know you are,

And because you always have me in mind.

If however, you came across me by chance,

Then it could only have been by the will

Of the Universe and God that keeps

Bringing us together, and unites us

In ways that neither of us can avoid.

You are in my every breath,

My heaving heart, and upon my lips,

My tongue and my strength to

Overcome all that blocks my path.

You are the one I have waited

An eternity for, and I ask you

One more time to take my hand,

Dearest friend, deepest love,

My beautiful husband,

And walk with me a while.


6 thoughts on “To My Beloved – A Poem

  1. Good heavens~! A female of our species who actually loves her spouse? Long may it last and spread, I say …

    … and the photo is beautiful. (C’mon, Lady, give: when and where?)


    1. Yes it’s true! Deeply in love with my man I am. Though as not yet wed, we were engaged during the Valentine’s week while I was visiting him in the US. The shot was taken in the US in Maryland, and where I have spent some time this year. I will be returning next week. Just got to find the opportunity to make it official. But he is my husband without a doubt. It’s a nice feeling.


      1. “Life is too short,” said the horse-hermit to the seeker, “not to stop and eat the daisies.”

        And it is a nice feeling. Go get ’em, Tiger~!


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