It isn’t that I have an affinity with Washington DC per se, but that it is the only city within spitting distance of where me and my husband Bill currently live. We live about an hour north of the Nation’s Capitol in a very suburban place full of mostly wealthy, and cagey suburbanites, and where one needs to drive everywhere in order to experience any kind of social gathering, usually at stores or local malls (pff!). In short we are a little taxed around these parts for interesting locations in which to shoot street. So, The District, as it is known locally has become our default street shooting venue. As it is, it has provided me personally with a wealth of photographic stock, this year in particular since I immigrated and became an official resident of the USA.

It’s an interesting challenge to find new things to take pictures of in a place…

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10 thoughts on “Distraction

    1. Thank you, Steve.

      That’s quite a trek to Miami you have there. I understand now why I don’t see much street work in your images.

      I actually find it difficult these days to shoot street, mostly because people are rarely doing anything interesting. Yesterday’s trip to DC was a fine example. We were at the FDR Memorial, which is an impressive place. It was full of people, but they were all staring at their phones engaged in finding Pokemon!! I was astounded. They all looked like zombies, half asleep and not really connected to the real world. It’s a sight I keep seeing. And although you might think this might actually be a good opportunity to take what will become very historic shots of what I’m hoping is just a passing fad, my heart kind of sinks a little, and I find myself pointing my camera at more appealing things, ones that just don’t contain people at all. At least not living breathing ones. There were some great people sculptures there at the memorial site.

      Maybe I’ll write a post about it. 🙂

      Have a good day, Steve!


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