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Prompted in part by my husband’s previous post, I shall be bowing out of posting on this blog. I know there was some misunderstanding as some of you, me included, thought that Bill was excusing himself from posting here anymore, although he was merely stating that he was just more active on his other photography blog, ‘FirewingPhotography’, and could also be found there. The truth is, neither of us posts here very often anymore.

Some time ago when Bill and I decided to merge our photo blogs, ‘Roving Bess’ and ‘Today on Earth’, it was done with all the best intentions and as a way of us collaborating more on photography projects. But as Bill rightly stated, few people stop by here anymore and look at what we do. Some of you may be aware that we also co-author another blog, ‘’ which is geared more to showcasing art in its many forms, and yes talking about photography features a lot.

I in particular, have found it difficult to get any traction here on this blog since the merger for a number of reasons. Although ‘Roving Bess’ was already a well established blog, and I kept all of my followers, I lost all of my history of likes and comments in the process, so I felt as though I’d become somewhat of a newbie again. Furthermore, Bill’s original blog, ‘Today on Earth’ was also a long established site with an ample enough following. As the title of this blog only changed to incorporate the word ‘Art” to reflect the change in authorship, I guess followers just assumed that it was still Bill’s blog. So whenever I posted, some of you naturally assumed that the images and words belonged to Bill. At first it was amusing and excusable, not to mention flattering as Bill is a very talented man, but when it kept happening I sort of gave up the ghost and stopped posting here.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this joint photography blog is somewhat of a failed venture, sadly. It’s ok, these things happen. Although Roving Bess may have died a death, I am still a passionate photographer and I shall continue to take pictures irrespective of online media trends.

I know some of you already follow some of my other blogs, but for those who you who don’t and you happen to be interested in my work, either photography or writing related, then I can be found in the following various places:

Instagram: @phi_street

Diary of a Person Being Human

Raw Naked Art

Chances are that nobody will even notice my absence here. Nevertheless, I hope to see you around!


7 thoughts on “Adios

  1. well I wish I would have had this blog in the feed for my other blog – because then I would have seen more posts – I am only seeing this now because I am back on my old blog this week (maybe to revamp it) – anyhow – you will be missed and I can see how it is annoying to have this experience – even tho you showed you have much Grace for readers and for those who maybe visit quickly – and actually – I do recall being a little confused about some of the blogs you guys had – I think it was last year – not sure – but I was also following too many people and had to grow as a reader-veiwer- so it was likely “me” – but I love your work and it has a vibe different from B- Although some is similar in credence or grit –
    but do you know what my favorite pictures as from you two? some of the ones you guys shared of each other – from a park trip to London streets ( I think London)
    anyhow – I will be checking out some of the links here – have a great weekend M!

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    1. Thanks Yvette! Your visit and your most gracious comment are deeply appreciated.
      I remember we used to interact quite a lot back when I was more active on my other blog IshaiyaFreshlySqueezed. That was some years ago now, before Bill and I met.
      I also had another joint photography blog with Bill for a short while, which featured a lot of our London shots, perhaps that’s what you’re remembering. Although we decided to delete the blog. One too many! 🙂

      Photography is more of a hobby for Bill, though for me it’s a way of promoting myself as an artist, with the hope perhaps of getting commissions one day. There’s a hope! So I’m going to focus on re-establishing my other blogs.

      It will be nice to see you around on my other sites. You have a great weekend too!

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      1. I hear ya on too many blogs and well – we learn and adjust!
        and yes yes yes – always hope – and as an artist I know you know that grit and perseverance are part of the art life 💙
        and I do recall our blog shares and will be over soon!


  2. I blew away my own ‘Forestall’ too. Now have a replacement (think rebirth, but with every post greatly reduced). I just couldn’t reach people … and still can’t; but won’t give up until the final trump bleats.

    Your ‘Isahiya’ just failed twice to open for me, but I’ll tray again later.

    You did seem to have gone very quiet, and lost a few bubbles—I put it down to adjustments to a new way of life.

    As a creative person you will still need your own personal outlets, no?

    Whatever, all the very best to you both~!

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    1. I’ve tested all the links and they work just fine at my end. If you do a Google search for it should come up. It’ll be nice to see you on the other channels. I do hope you’ve managed to kick that nasty flu by now.
      Back to watching Midsomer Murders…! 😉


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