WPC – Narrow


My take on the theme Narrow in this week’s photo challenge involves a narrow point of focus and a narrow tonal palette. These images were taken at the Brookside Gardens here in Maryland. It’s a place Bill and I have visited several times this year. In fact we were there just the day before yesterday. I’m still in the process of editing those shots, but perhaps I’ll post a few in colour. It’s a beautiful place to go and visit changing frequently in appearance as flowers and bugs come in and out of season. The images below were taken when their magnificent rose garden was in full bloom back in May. The roses have all but faded now, however other equally magnificent flowers have bloomed in their stead. The outdoor butterflies were also out in full force. They have an indoor butterfly garden there which is where the ones featured below were shot. I got some great shots of the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, a butterfly that is very common here, amongst other bugs. I shall include those in my next post. Enjoy!



If you’d like to participate in this week’s challenge click here!

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