The Dressmaker

1-600_1463 (2)

Perhaps because I’ve retired from “work” and spend most of my time writing and taking photos, I’ve come to see street photography less as a set of independent photos and more of a story. As I have the time, and because my wife is generally somewhere nearby clicking away, I take the time to work a scene–much to the consternation of the few anti-photography types–taking up to a dozen shots to capture whatever it is I’ve seen.

Here, I took several shots as a woman, ostensibly a dressmaker and a mother, stops on the Washington, D.C. National Mall to deal with her small children and to speak to an acquaintance. It’s a set of small, insignificant moments, but perhaps one day they will become iconic of this early phase of the 21st century, where the old meets the new and the new disguised as ancient.

6 thoughts on “The Dressmaker

  1. Life itself is ‘small insignificant moments’ … our challenge is to capture them on pixels (in pixels? It used to be so much easier when we could say ‘on film’ …) such that they ring the bell of the viewer.

    My pick would be your No 2 shot above.

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      1. People being people … people relate to that. If the work of art is a mirror, it rings the bell (and to hell with the ‘critics’).

        I especially love that shot because regardless of dress or differences—those folks are people; and you’ve captured that.

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