DC Street Abstracts

I’ve been busy creating abstract street photography lately, gleaned from material shot in Washington DC recently. It’s been a very creative process, and I’ve learned a little more about my editing software, although it has left me a little photo-blind. Going back to ordinary, bog-standard photography is a little weird now…

Click on the gallery to view large. Hope you enjoy!

23 thoughts on “DC Street Abstracts

        1. So I’ve heard. But you do have the Olympics coming up… , yeah I know…

          Glad to hear you’re happy. Life is good here too despite the world turning to crap around my ears, hopefully common sense will out re politics. I might not hold my breath on that one though.

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          1. He plays the clown, but he has a razor sharp mind, and extremely knowledgable and well educated. Apparently he was once asked to run for PM but turned it down. He did a great job with completely turning London around and making it much more efficient and economically sound than it was before. I think the UK could do a lot worse for choice of leader, like Nigel Ferage for example…

            I’m as well as I can be. I was recently back in the UK for a couple of weeks. It was nice to see my kids. They seem happy.
            Otherwise I’m keeping myself busy with the photography and resuming writing my metaphysics book. You? Anything cool and exciting happening in your life; how are book sales going?

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