Girl Meets Man 2

Given most people seem to browse Wordepressing around once a week (me included) I’ve pretty much switched to posting shots on Firewing Photography to the exclusion of all else. Similarly, Maria posts much of her work on her Instagram feed. I invite you to stop in both places, if you’re interested.

Firewing Photography

1-100T3400I’m not sure what he said, but he got a smile out of her. 🙂 Chinatown, Washington, DC, May 2016

This is one of my favorite shots of the day because it shows how you get better results by 1) slowing down, and 2) working the scene. I took the 1st shot because the family was approaching the camera, and I liked the interplay between the evening shadows and the warm light on their faces. I held my spot to watch the girl’s interaction with the man. He spoke to her in a sweet voice, and I managed to catch her just as her little cheeks flexed into a smile. Don’t be afraid to take more than one shot. Sometimes, the first shot is the best; others the last shot.

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