Protracted Conversation


Green Tractor DC Brown Tint_MPHIX

Washington DC’s Chinatown is one of my absolute favourite spots to go street shooting. The architecture has not yet befallen the modernisation that much of the nation’s capital seems to be undergoing. It makes me want to keep shooting there before all the good stuff gets torn down and replaced by something more homogenous. As a photographer, and a historian I am truly beginning to loathe the homogeneity that many cities worldwide seem to have contracted like a voracious virus. Sure these places look cleaner and are more utilitarian, but places like New York, DC, London, and Berlin are fast losing their character. All are becoming clones of one another, and it saddens me deeply. It makes me feel as though time is running out, and that so many architectural treasures will be lost in the name of that oh so heady word, ‘progress’. There should be an equal amount…

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