Sweet Old Couple on the Metro


She got on, sat, and waited. He sat momentarily, buzzing and hovering like a hummingbird. Before the train had left the station, he was up again. He sat across from her and pulled out his paper. After a time, she followed.

“I just wanted to sit over here,” he said.

I decided it was so that I could get his photo. Maybe it was the poster promising to “Put America Back on Track.” She hovered, lovingly, taking his arm and speaking, though his hand rarely left his ear. He read, though his eyes were squinted nearly shut even with his glasses. When they reached their Maryland site, they got up, quietly, she still following behind, still caretaking. There was a lot of love there; you could feel it.

I decided, once again, that I was more writer than shooter. I decided, just then, my cameras are merely props. Let the others shoot. I’d rather find the stories my way.

1-DSCF1236 1-DSCF1242 1-DSCF1246 1-DSCF1247 1-DSCF1249 1-DSCF1257

Washington, D.C., April 2016


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