20 Women (Non-Street) Photographers You Should Know

Raw, Naked Art

Art & Portraiture, & Other

In making a selection of the “Best of” anything, two criteria come to mind. First, one should consider the longevity and consistency of the work. A hall of fame, so to speak, should examine whether the body of work produced was substantial enough to warrant such acclaim. Secondly, one must consider the “peak” of the output. For artists, this is, perhaps, the more important of the two, as one body of work, like Anna Atkins supremely early photographic work, can be momentous enough that the world begins to change behind it. Others, like Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, produce such an enormous body of work in their time as to be beyond reproach.

With that in mind, here are our 20 Women Non-Street Photographers you should know. Keep in mind, we purposely separated Street and Documentary Photographers in a separate article, since 1) it…

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