Top Women Street & Documentary Photographers

Jump to to learn about history’s top street and documentary photographers.

Raw, Naked Art

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve put together a listing of the top female street photographers in History. Some of these have been profiled before, others are being listed for the first time. We hope you check them out. More about these ladies can be found via Google and other such things.

We’re late to the Women’s History month (by 18 days) so we’ll be doing our own take on female artists, which we’ll call Women’s History for a Month. 🙂 Never conform when non-conformity produces better results.

Frances Benjamin Johnston – 1864 – 1952

Frances Benjamin Johnston selfie, 1896 Frances Benjamin Johnston selfie, 1896

Johnston, from Washington, D.C., wrote magazine articles before being given her first camera by George Eastwood. She was trained a Eastman Kodak and by the Smithsonian’s director of photography before going on to become a landmark documentary photographer. Johnston went on to become the White House photographer for presidents 

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