Part of the Exhibit


Part of the Exhibit_MPHIX


Part of the Exhibit Spectator_MPHIX


Part of the Exhibit Freeform 2_MPHIX

Shot at the opening of the Turquoise Mountain Exhibition at the Freer and Sackler Museum, Washington DC. The exhibition is showcasing the ancient craft skills that are being resurrected in war-torn Afghanistan in a bid to preserve them. The Turquoise Mountain Project is also an attempting to engage the Afghani people in the reconstruction of their country and heritage.
The work is breathtaking, and despite it being a small exhibition, it is well worth a visit if you are in the area just to appreciate the wonderful skills on show.


2 thoughts on “Part of the Exhibit

  1. I love your gentle reminder … that when in a museum, we too are on show. I must admit that sometimes I can be mistaken for a museum piece (I’m the one without the label).

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  2. The advantage with doing candid photography in museum spaces is that people tend to remain still long enough to get a good shot. Out on the street it’s a bit hit and miss, and definitely a lot more difficult to achieve. Mind you the lighting conditions at the above exhibition were tricky enough without worrying about what I or who I was going to shoot! New camera too, so I was a little out of my depth. These three pics were the best of the crop.


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