11 thoughts on “Twinkle

    1. This is not Bill, it’s Bess. Thanks Bob. It’s odd because through the viewfinder of the Canon the colours look really vivid, then when I go to upload the pics they look very muted. So I have to ramp up the colour again to how I remember seeing it. Saying that however, I find the Canon is very good at making everything look bright. 🙂 x

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  1. I can see you’re going to have a lot of fun with that zoomer. Hah! Them ducks don’t stand a chance now … no hiding place, boom boom~!

    (Okaaaaaay, clever chops: now let’s see you do that with a fantail …)

    All envy aside, that’s a gorgeous shot. I like the twinkle too. Nice!


    1. Thank you, Argie! Lovely man!

      You know, I don’t really know what kind of waterfowl we get over here in the U.S., I’ve only seen Canada Geese and Mallards so far in this area, not so different from home. Of course Miami was a little bit more interesting in that regard. Fantail ay…? You know me and a challenge… 😉


      1. It’s really a bit like “How far can push a peanut with your nose across the Maelstrom?” or possibly “How fast a film coupled with how brief a shutter speed have you got …”
        Seeking two identical snowflakes could be more rewarding (mind you, to me they all look alike). Now get out there and enjoy~!

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