Shadows – Roving Bess


Last one today from me. I took this last weekend while in DC visiting museums with Bill. Shot with my new Fujifilm X100T, yay me, I love new gear! Sadly it replaces my X100S which is dying a slow horrible death. I know I should get it fixed, but it will be the fourth time that I’ve sent it in for essentially the same issue. It’s going to make it hard to sell if they never really repair it fully. Such is life I suppose.

Anyway, I’m enjoying playing with B+W at the moment, (meaning today), and enhancing structure and contrast using a blue filter. Here are a few others I’ve been working on…


5 thoughts on “Shadows – Roving Bess

    1. I think both cameras are worthy adversaries, but each one serves a different purpose. I was using both today in equal measure depending on what I wanted to capture. I like the viewfinder on the Fuji better, also it’s slighter faster with the focus than the Canon, so it’s ideal for stealing passing shots. 🙂

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