…with Easter almost upon us, here is a Black Duck-Billed Christmas Chicken to feather your nests with. Talk about a wild goose chase…! You can tell I’ve been visiting Argus’ blogs can’t you…? πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “Quackers!

  1. I’ve looked up your camera and am gob-smacked~! And you’re putting it to great use, to capture the springtime twinkle in a duck’s eyeballβ€”you’re going to have a lot of fun, I can tell. Frustration? You are going to discover the meaning of the word (if you haven’t already, boom boom!) … go get ’em, Tiger! πŸ™‚


    1. I knew you’d like it.

      I was back out over the weekend taking more pictures of feathered creatures with the Canon, including ducks. I shall have to post them.

      Talking of frustration though, I still can’t work out how to use the manual focus on it for those moments when the camera refuses to behave. I shall just have to consult the instruction guide, if only I could remember where I put it…!

      How’s the universe treating you today, my friend?


      1. I have a Canon SX40 (use my Olympus mostly) and never found a need for manual focus (the beast is good!) β€” but it drove/drives me crackers when I zoomed in and touch that horrible little button (upper right on mine) by accident. Often …

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