Days of Art – Andre Kertesz, Master Photographer.

Raw, Naked Art

Of all the photographs I have taken over the years, some of my most prized are the ones that capture moments and details of everyday life that are in their own small, mundane way an intimate self-portrait. A cache of memories with a strong sense of temporality. Photography is my temple, my personal church if you will, as it was for Master photographer Andre Kertesz.

Despite the poor quality of this film, I found listening to Kertesz in his broken German-French-English very moving. A good friend of mine once compared some of my work to that of Kertesz’s and his series of personal ephemera. It was a wonderful compliment, but I didn’t quite understand then quite how profound that was. Kertesz would have understood why I shoot what I shoot, how the most mundane of things can carry so much meaning, and how fleeting and precious those things really are…

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8 thoughts on “Days of Art – Andre Kertesz, Master Photographer.

          1. It seems to be that way, Bob! We share many surprising similarities. You just couldn’t make it up.
            I hope you enjoy what’s left of your day, must be late in your corner of the world. x


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