Days of Art – The Art of Communication

Raw, Naked Art

Raef 1_MPHIX

We have been taught that words validate experience, so we feel inept when we are incapable of describing something that does not require words in order to appreciate it. In fact, we have been taught that verbal language is the only viable means for measuring intellect, and therefore the only salient means for expressing important ideas. However, if our only internal measure for discerning whether something is of value or not is fundamentally a chemical one, then verbal language is just a tool for expression, a way of expressing a physical sensation, and is therefore no more viable or important than other non-verbal forms of communication.

Raef 2_MPHIXVerbal language uses specific symbols and sounds in order to contract desired information, yet this makes it very exclusive in nature, appealing only to specific groups within society, those groups for whom this form of linguistic code is intelligible and relevant. Verbal language undermines…

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Speak now, or forever hold your piece. (Ew)

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