When I was young, although I still preferred street photography to all other genres, I took quite a few candid shots of friends. It was easy; I was in college and there were plenty of people who wanted to be captured in film. Most didn’t even need to see the shots. They were happy to know that someone liked them enough to want the shot.

I think it permanently impacted my style as well as my attitude to candid photography. People I knew didn’t object. People I sort of knew didn’t object. People I never met didn’t object, and most didn’t seem to notice. I’ve gotten away from the up-close work that used to characterize my style, but I think I’m beginning to get it back. I was always a photo historian, spending much of my free time in libraries absorbing every photo by every great photographer available. I suppose that’s where my style originated. Now all that’s left is to let it go where it wants to go.

Here’s a gallery of shots from back in the day.



9 thoughts on “1978

  1. My first choice? The lady with the ‘big round intelligent eyes’* and the armful of books. There seems to be hurry, there, and good nature. I love it~!

    * Animated movie, Rio


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