The simplest things, the ones we take for granted, matter the most. Mobility. Belonging. Being inside versus outside. I’m making no judgments as to the scene depicted, except that it spurred the thought. At least he’s out and about, no?

1-DSCF1756 534

But, to misquote the great philosopher, Shrek, better in than out.

1-DSCF1758 532

These are just two of the store-front window shots I took along Washington Avenue in Miami Beach. Despite the beauty of the city, there is a definite seediness of Wash Ave, to which the tattoo shops, big-fake-titted womannequins, vaping shops, and unrestored Art Deco buildings contribute a great deal. In other words, it’s a fun place to shoot, but not much fun to walk around alone.


7 thoughts on “Exclusive

  1. I can’t remember who was with him.

    Seediness is right. Every carnal pleasure was being served. The human condition presented to the extremes along that one strip alone. A homeless drunk or drug addict in every shop front and street corner. Groups of young men cat calling and harassing young women as they passed. There was a definite air of unease about the place.

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