Beach Characters


Beach Character_MPHIX

People at the beach always amuse me. There is often an element of wanting to be seen about these characters, especially the ones who stride along the shoreline feet in the wet sand and water, and everything on show. It amazes me then when they get twitchy at having a camera aimed at them. To me it’s no different than my reciprocating people’s need to be looked at in such circumstances. In fact I’m likely to spend less time pointing my camera at you than I am just looking at you with my naked eyes.
Naked or barely naked was the order of the day on Miami’s South Beach, no matter shape, size, age or gender. Though I’m not really that much of a voyeur. If I take your picture, it’s because I like your energy, and it has nothing to do with appearances, believe me.

The chap above caught my attention as he and his hair fought the stiff sea breezes wafting up from the Atlantic. Bill told me that he’d turned and faced the other direction when he saw me pointing my camera his way, although I was quite a distance away from him. Maybe he was just taking a breather. Good old Canon Superzoom.

Here are a few other candid street/beach shots I snup, (as Argie would say), on South Beach, and Fort Lauderdale’s Central Beach. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Beach Characters

  1. People being people, love it~!

    For myself, if in public then so long as the camera isn’t jammed up my snout I have no complaints about being snapped—yet paradoxically I dread intruding on other people, and so miss some brilliant shots because of. As for the power of the modern zoom—therein lies many answers~!


    1. It does indeed! The superzoom takes away a certain burden, but adds others. I felt a lot more conspicuous using the telephoto. Big cameras make people very twitchy indeed. People rarely notice me when I’m using the small Fujifilms. Also because they look old they seem to assume I’m an amateur. It’s an odd thing.
      I do like the freedom the superzoom affords you though, and the ability I now have to shoot wildlife, in all shapes and sizes…


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