Crunchy Hawt Dawgs…

Crunchy Hotdogs_MPHIX


Street vendors abound in NYC, selling every kind of pretzelated-wrap-come-sandwich-dog-burger possible! It’s great. Although beware the chap at the bottom of the Flatiron Building selling Falafel with his Egyptian Hot Sauce. I was brave, I like spicy, and he did warn me…I was sporting a heavy head-cold at the time and so I thought it might help clear my sinuses. After a few bites I couldn’t feel my sinuses at all, or half my face, throat or stomach which had been burnt to a cinder. Live and learn. Still good though…

The food carts are a colourful addition to the already colourful streets of Manhattan, which are lit up left, right and centre by flashing signs and video hoardings plastered on almost every building, and as far up as you can see comfortably without cricking your neck. Some of those buildings are flipping’ tall, I tell you!

The hard working guys tending the food wagons are also an interesting bunch, and it was great fun trying to capture them in mid-flow as they smiled and chatted with their eagerly awaiting customers trying to suppress the cold air in their bones with the deliciously promising smells emanating from the small metal boxes on wheels. The food couldn’t arrive quickly enough!

Here is a selection of just a few of these glorious street vendors that I managed to snap over the four days Bill and I were there. Click on an image to view in the gallery.



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