The Stuff Above Us

Hay Bail

They do good skies around here. I’m not always out with my posh cameras, but I always have my trusty iPhone with me. In fact I recently acquired the iPhone 6S, and with its larger screen and 12mpx camera, it’s not a bad piece of kit when it comes to grabbing the odd snap.
My personal challenge lately, while out on my walks with Bill has been to take seemingly ordinary, mediocre snaps and turn them into art by way of various photo editing apps, and thus proving that equipment is not the be all and end all of good photography. It continues to be an interesting, and sometimes tough challenge. I really had my work cut out with one of the shots below, entitled ‘Winter Awakens’.

Judging by the fervent response of my posting such shots on platforms like Instagram, I would say that my exercise has been a relative success. Nobody is any the wiser that I took these shots with a phone camera. What do they know, what’s more, what do they care when it comes down to it?
However, equipment amongst photographers remains a contentious issue, so obviously someone cares, but only as long as you tell them it seems. God only knows why, as it completely misses the point of producing art. Prestige and all that, I suppose. Although often prestige comes adequately coupled with stupidity, along with a strong dose of misunderstanding the meaning of quality. After all, the camera is just the camera, but the photographer is the artist, and thus the one with the nous to apply their talent. Not just anybody can point and shoot a camera and achieve something worthy of being dubbed ‘art’, it often takes years of practise, and an ingrained artistic bent. Not impossible to acquire, though some of it, granted, is down to individual neurological wiring, either way, knowing how to apply it is not something you learn overnight.

Anyway, griping now over, I hope you enjoy these here skies, (I’ve also thrown in a hay bale for good measure…). 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Stuff Above Us

  1. Hello my lovely friend. Great article and refreshingly honest. I just wanted to wish you guys the best Christmas this year and to say I loved the images of the skies you captured.
    Hope you’re both in fine fettle?
    Luv n peas
    Bob x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! You are most kind, as always. 😉
      It’s nice to see you again. I hope the pre-Christmas madness is finding you well. It’s a little warmer than expected isn’t it? Not that I’m complaining having come from the generally cold UK. I’m looking forward to the high of 75F on Thursday, personally…


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