Never Hustle a Hustler

Don't Hustle a Hustler Mono_MPHIX

I get the impression that certain social media types, particularly on Instagram don’t like my photography. I suppose I’m more hip replacement than hip. My pictures aren’t black and white enough, or tone mapped so that all depth is lost. I’m just too old school, even though I give the old school street photographers a run for their money, I think. With the exception of the few loons who liked to play with fire. That’s not me, entirely…
I don’t shoot with a Leica either, but I have something better, a Fujifilm X100S. Still, it doesn’t make me any more popular. Bummer.


11 thoughts on “Never Hustle a Hustler

  1. If you’re not true to yourself then no number of ‘likes’ will make any difference, you’ll feel like a fraud. I like your photography because it was a moment you found poignant that will never repeat itself. I don’t care how many levels of black there are, I care about how it makes me feel.

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    1. Thanks Christina. Given what I write about on the subject of art and photography, I can rationalise why it is my work isn’t so popular on a platform like Instagram. I could list a whole bunch of things, but it might sound like a rant. And I don’t want to rant because you’ve been very sweet. 🙂
      Thing is, I like my work, and you’re right no amount of likes makes any difference to the way I feel about it. But being that I’m an extrovert and an artist trying to make a mark in the world, getting others to like what I do is the goal.
      Thank you for liking what I do, it means a lot.

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      1. Ah ha! I am an introvert artist who doesn’t care what the world thinks, I understand most don’t get my stuff but I figure those who are meant to appreciate it, will. It is a tricky balance between doing the art you want to do and making it marketable. Sometimes it can go way off course when trying to please others. Good luck!

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  2. “The show’s the thing” … if working for money, give good value.
    Value is what the Customer perceives—and ‘quality’ is meeting the Customer’s requirements (hopefully exceeding them).

    If working for the pure art of it—then YOU are the Customer, and yours is the only opinion that matters.

    To paraphrase Shakespeare:

    “This above all
    To thine own self be true
    etc etc
    Then thou cannot be false to any bugger.”

    And remember, trolls crawl out from under logs all over the place …

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