The Woman in White

The Woman in White_MPHIX

I feel entirely spoilt for choice when it comes to posting shots of mine and Bill’s recent trip to New York. In fact I’m finding it difficult to know where to start. I took almost a thousand photos a day, we were there four days…

I’ve only just managed to upload all of my shots from my memory cards, not to mention all the photos I’ve taken since arriving in the USA just two months ago. It’s been a huge task indexing them, especially as I’m working from an inferior laptop which works at a snail’s pace. My big iMac is currently in transit, and I’m missing it a lot. I’ve begun posting some of my NYC shots on my Instagram profile, which you can view on the right panel of the blog.

The above shot happens to be one of my favourites of the trip, taken on the hoof as we ascended the Empire State Building. The light that day was superb, lending itself well for this dramatically lit shot. I like the woman’s retro outfit, and the way the reflection of the railings outside refract rainbow colours on the highly polished floor. We had fun.


4 thoughts on “The Woman in White

  1. Haven’t been up there since ’64 … the outside viewing deck doesn’t seem to have changed much.

    And the slim, trim etc etc lady brings it all back too (sigh …)

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    1. It’s an impressive building as you well know. I love that they have preserved it as they have. Apparently there used to be high railing around the viewing deck, but seems like they opted for something less intrusive that allows folk to take good clear shots without compromising life. The only downside was the pressure build-up in my ears as the lift on the way back down made quite a sharp descent from the 83rd floor. I lost my hearing for about a day, not aided much by the heavy cold I was nursing.
      Fascinating experience though.

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