Colour Versus Mono

Two Seconds Longer_Mono_MPHIX

My lovely husband Bill and I often have this debate, the conundrum of the apparent prestige that black and white photography has over colour. Both Bill and I have written extensively about this subject here, being that we, as you may well be aware by now are fairly prolific photographers.

Although we have been known to shoot in black and white, we both favour colour photography more. There is a distinct difference between shooting in colour as opposed to shooting in monochrome…


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6 thoughts on “Colour Versus Mono

  1. Your example above certainly reduces the shot itself to pure basics. Powerful stuff.

    I sometimes (often) wonder whether it’s better to ‘do’ B & W in-camera (so to speak) or to use iPhoto-shop later~?
    Then again with the modern camera there’s so many effects built in, and if desperate you can always push the ‘go for it’ button and cop the lot in one fell swoop.

    My problem with B & W is getting contrasts and tomes and such right. Right that is, so that they please me—I’m not really into getting them ‘technically’ correct. I’ll post for you (if I still have it) a full colour shot that came out effectively B & W—the best of both worlds for the price of one. Think duck, bottle and pond.

    Anyway, to quote the sage: it’s only artistic if it transfers feelings from one mind to another. And to me good art is if it transfers the correct feelings …

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    1. I wholeheartedly agree with your last statement.
      It is a tricky business shooting either in mono or colour, truth be told. Hell, photography is tricky full-stop. I’d love to see your photo though.
      Lovely to hear from you, you Argusness. Big doggy paws ‘n’all… 🙂

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