A Sunny Twilight at Peet’s

1-DSCF9014M and I took a break from shooting last Saturday by stopping in a Peet’s Coffee, which has the delightful advantage of NOT being Starbucks (*spit). Here are some of my favorite shots in the late-afternoon sun.


3 thoughts on “A Sunny Twilight at Peet’s

  1. I have to admit that I like Starbucks … but: the one here in Invercargill is totally different from any I’ve been in in the US.
    About the only commonality (franchised, too) is the crockery and some of the signage.
    The rest is pure kiwi, we get genuine smiles and real service, helpful too, with no impatience or pressures.

    And at the risk of sounding parochial—our coffee is nicer~! Boom boom! (I must remember to get some snaps and post them.)

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