The Color of Life

Just some shots from a day in D.C., taken with my phone.

1-IMG_4672 1-IMG_4676 1-IMG_4677  1-IMG_4679 1-IMG_4683 1-IMG_4684 1-IMG_4689 1-IMG_4690 1-IMG_4702 1-IMG_4705 1-IMG_4721After stumbling into this parade, the purpose of which we still don’t know, we hit a couple of museums. The great part of this time of year in the Washington, D.C. area is that it’s still pretty warm and the tourists are mostly gone. Here are some of my favorite pieces, again with my iPhone. (Click for enlargement — the photos, not yourself.)

Finally, dinner on the patio to end a great day. Cheers!

1-IMG_4764 1-IMG_4768


10 thoughts on “The Color of Life

  1. Hi. I think it was part of National Hispanic Month events. Now that I don’t work downtown, I miss most of these events though. Looks like it was colorful and the day was beautiful.


  2. Certainly colourful~! Boom boom!

    My impression is that it was a celebration of the South Americas … and when I saw what any New Zealander would instantly recognise as a Maori motif—that clinched it. (Picture 5, all in purpley-blue, directly under the SS emblem a tiki; complete with googly eyes and poked out tongue.)

    The thought here in NZ is that the Maoris originated in Polynesia but a very good case has been made by ‘alternative’ scholars for South America …

    Why not both?
    And many Maoris look Chinese, so it’s no surprise recently to read of DNA trails leading back to Taiwan. Be that as it may, the Tiki really caught my eye …


    1. Most of the people there were from South America. So, it seems it was a celebration of Latin American culture, which is rapidly becoming an essential part of U.S. culture. The photo you point to was a group from Bolivia, I believe (possibly Peru). There are also African-looking statues in South America, so I suspect they were ocean-going folks (in both directions).

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      1. That thought is gradually entering mainstream—and a whole lot of ‘science’ is going to have to be rewritten. But it will take a while yet.


          1. The shots of seen of Olmec heads certainly have the stamp of Africa on them.
            When you go into it, the vast reaches of the Pacific seem to have been a super-highway to the Polynesians (centuries or even millennia before the European ever ventured that far).

            There’s a lot that we don’t know but honest research will be hard to get published, hence: cranks.

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