Art Whatsis

I don’t “get” modern art. I don’t see why this is appealing in any way, except that if you look through it, it points you to the National Gallery of Art – West Wing, where the real art is. In this museum, I mostly photographed people who were wandering around, looking confused.


15 thoughts on “Art Whatsis

  1. Modern art is for the insecure. But you have to be ‘in’ otherwise you crash and burn.

    Picasso at least was honest—he stated somewhere that it took him a lifetime to learn to paint like a twelve-year-old.

    It’s a club, a way of telling ‘them from us’.
    I think it’s for the unconfident and/or ignorant; where Art is concerned they couldn’t do it themselves so they invented their own thing. Good luck to them—but why does City Hall insist on using taxpayer monies to buy stacked rubbish and put it into parks? (If you have to ask—you’re obviously a Philistine …)

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  2. Hmmm…Don’t think I can say any one thing applies to all art, modern or otherwise. I love art. Some resonates, some doesn’t. All art is derivative, inspired by an idea of another. When I think of modern art I always think of an enormous undulating ice pack at the L.A. County Art Museum. It was a permanent installation outside the museum,(maybe 25+ feet tall,) when I was just a disturbed child. I loved it. It made me happy. To me it represented breaking all the rules, a sassy and iconic creation, the middle finger to the art snobs.


    1. I don’t mind modern art that’s done with an irreverent wink or bit of cheekiness, or when they’re being purposely subversive, but when artists take themselves oh-so seriously for painting stripes on a canvas, then I want to scream.

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      1. Oh YES! I’m with you there. Once I saw a show where the artist had a “special” cobalt blue paint that he painted store bought objects with. It was lame, dull, gimmicky and dull. I don’t understand how some artists get shows.

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  3. I think some of the art is misunderstood because it is miscategorized. It is not visual art in the typical sense. In someways it is closer to other forms of Mass Media, in particular, performance art. The act of the installation in a particular context is the art. The object is content that becomes something within a context. For example, you photographed the object within a context, a space that included the event of the viewers looking at the object. Your photographic composition is art. In a sense, I think that this is what the artist who created the object wants the observer to do. Whether you compose the shot in your mind or actually photograph it, you have entered into a creative interaction with the object.

    Now, will all viewers experience this ? Obviously not – for some the object just is and they can not see any meaning in it. For them, it is like looking at a glyph in a foreign/dead language. It has shape, but it is indecipherable. In their case, the medium failed to convey the message.


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