On the Beach at Brighton

A few moments from Brighton, England. August 2015.

Cool air, warm sun.
1980s style
In the near future, it will be common to meet people …
… whose gender is none of your damned business.
Two of these people do not agree on the concept of “getting some sun.”
“Shooshh.” Nothing to see here.
Building the Ark.
Shadow people.

3 thoughts on “On the Beach at Brighton

  1. I did wonder about what appeared to be a hybrid ambling by … nothing to worry about, maybe—but plenty to see. Funny how at the opposite end of the globe (I can’t figure it either, but there we go) you never see a deckchair … most kiwis would have absolutely no idea what to do with it if presented one flat.


      1. Some are sand, white or silver; some are crushed shells, our favourite here in Southland is all very tiny pebbles with occasional sand. All very complicated—and informal.


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