You can’t get this kind of shot with a telephoto lens. Nuh-uh.

Or this…Stripes_MPHIX

There is something about getting up close that squeezes the depth of field to its barest minimum, isolating your subject and potentially capturing a rare moment of interaction that would otherwise be missed at a distance. People rarely notice, and if they do like the little girl in Venice above, the moment is fleeting and attentions are soon distracted.

Layers on Oxford Street_MPHIX

Miss Pink_MPHIX

Miss Pink here was too busy eating, and hanging about waiting for whomever she was waiting for to notice my having followed her down Oxford Street to get my shot. Would any of these people have really cared if they knew I’d caught them on camera? I doubt it. Or perhaps, would they secretly have been pleased that for a split second they were noticed and given a moment’s fame? Most likely. But the moment is brief, as quick as a blink, and how many times in a day does the average human blink? (You don’t actually need to work this one out, although I know some of you will try).

Wanna be a do-gooding, sensible super-hero who’s generally popular with everybody?

Super Hero_MPHIX

Then take up flying lessons…or knitting. Knit yourself a cape or something…

7 thoughts on “Nuh-uh

  1. It’s possible that the knucklehead might have been the camera operator grabbing the moment? Been there, done that. Then again, it might have been a real knucklehead knuckle-heading — some do, sadly. My favourite is the first, that unguarded reaction of the wee lassie; still making up her mind. Dammit … I thought all kids were prima donnas?

    I was told a loooooong time ago that red will dominate any shot—seems the same for pink. But that shot of the guy’s jacket is a great catch! 🙂

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        1. Bill’s always sneaking into my shots. It often amuses me to see if he notices (which of course he often does – good thing I have a short attention span…)


    1. Thank you, Argie! I didn’t notice the little girl’s expression until I got home and looked through my photos. The moment was too quick, and I had a beady eye on my five year old son who was doing his own street photography. Seeing her wrinkled little face was a nice surprise however. And you’re right, that pink is a striking colour. I was using a film that simulated Kodak Chrome, my favourite back in the day of analogue photography. It works well in sunny climes.

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