Little Flower

Dare I say it, my most recent shoot with Bill in London is my best work yet…

Little Flower

Meyorowitz, Winogrand, eat your heart out!


8 thoughts on “Little Flower

  1. There’s a vibrancy in that scene, people being people. And people is what it’s all about. I must admit I can never be a ‘street photographer’ myself, I always feel as if I’m intruding.

    I never mind being snapped though (although I must admit worrying afterwards that I may have ruined someone’s shot) (hell, with a face like mine it’s always a miracle not to have ruined someone’s camera~!).

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    1. Ha! Thank you, Argie. I’m sure you have a very handsome face.
      The reality is, most are oblivious to the camera, especially in a heavily touristed area like London’s Oxford Street, and those who do notice are more often than not secretly flattered that you are snapping them. Bill and I both have many shots of people surreptitiously posing for us. The trick is always to be quick, although that being said if you hang about in a street corner and look concentrated most will believe you are waiting for them to get out of the way so you can take your shot, when what you’re really doing is shooting them. I only see it as an intrusion if my images defame the people I shoot in some way, but that is never my intention. I enjoy people being people very much, and I see photography as a way of honouring that. If I can encourage to see others as being just like themselves, then I think that can only be positive.

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