12 thoughts on “Ack in Lack

        1. Really? You don’t think it would dilute NY’s iconic status a little?
          The thing is I’ve long since seen the black Hackney Carriage being used all over the UK, so it stopped being exclusive to London years ago. Double-decker Route Master buses were never exclusive to London either, only their colour. In that respect the redesign of the black cabs is just industry keeping up with the times. I like that much of London’s transportation has been updated to an extent, stops the place looking as shabby as I remember it as a kid. It really was a dirty great armpit of a place back then. At least they dress it up a little better these days. No bad thing at all.

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          1. I suppose the different cabs would diminish the iconic status, I just never cared for the look much. However, I suppose whenever you see those amber cabs, you think of NYC as much as you do when you see the Statue of Liberty.


  1. A focussed character in a wee hurry. (I understand that the ol’ London black cabs were designed from the ground up to be a taxi, and possibly the only one in the world so qualified … a real pity if they’re not no more).

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    1. Like most things these days the London Black Hackney Carriage is now used as a mobile advertising space. To me it kinda kills the sentiment; even the red double-decker busses have undergone the same treatment. Despite having maintained the traditional shape of both black cab and red bus, albeit modernised, nothing else is the same. I dare say London Mayor Boris Johnson has been instrumental in the exploitation of two of London’s most iconic paragons, however I have long since liked him, eccentricities and all, very astute fellow that he is. He has done much to promote London to an almost pleasant state (I say almost as being a Londoner I have a love/hate relationship with the place, mostly the latter).


        1. Yes it was. It was when I was a kid too, back in the day when nobody batted an eyelid at the litter and grime everywhere. These days London is pretty litterless. Grubby still, but with that many souls trapsing and driving around daily


        2. That was ‘traipsing’, my fingers tapped the wrong thing apparently before I could correct and indeed finish my comment, because the reply was sent prematurely. Handheld thingie’s keyboard is too flippin’ teeny!


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