A Few Moments at Oxford Circus

These shots were taken in a couple of minutes or so as M and I stood on the pavement at the busy corner of Oxford Circus in London’s West End. I’m sure she has some equally interesting shots, but all of her time of late has been taken up by her making arrangements for her pending emigration to the United States.

In fact, the reason we were in London that Monday and Tuesday was because she had her interview with the U.S. Embassy, the result of which was her gaining the emigration visa. While we were there, we figured we’d put the Fuji’s through their paces. While just having me post is not as fun as both of us, I’ll try and share some of my shots from the trip anyway, especially the one that showed the kind of trouble I was up to whilst she was jumping through American hoops.

One goal of this trip was to get back to my photographic roots — close-in shooting. I started shooting street in earnest in college and while I enjoyed “composition” pieces taken at a distance (as I mostly have on this blog), I really loved the challenge of sitting or standing next to someone, taking their photo and having them not know until I showed them the shot. This was my first attempt, and I couldn’t have found a more lovely subject.

People react differently to cameras; the most common is to look at the camera and then look away as if they didn’t see it. This is number two, simply tilting the head or averting the eyes to avoid direct contact.

The shoulder is M’s. 🙂


The above is a view of where we were standing, taken from across the street. The sign is the Oxford Circus tube station seen in the first photo.

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