YSL or “Shut Up and Run”


I’m just going through a first pass of the photos I took last week in London and Brighton, in the UK. I thought I’d share this one, which was my immediate favorite of last Tuesday. I was killing time as Maria was in the U.S. Embassy being interviewed for a visa to emigrate to the States. It was approved, as I thought it would be, and I was in a great mood.

This was my 7th trip to London, and to say I’m becoming familiar with the place is an understatement. Hell, it’s home… a big, stinky, filthy home. The West End shopping district of Oxford Street is always teeming with life, and as Maria and I have noticed before, as you approach Marble Arch and the hotels that sit on that corner, you are struck by the number of Middle Eastern tourists. The women were out in small flocks, flowing in one store after the other, as if a visit in each was required. I was struck by this lady’s grace and elegance, not to mention her appearance that puts to rest the idea that all women who choose to cover their heads are being oppressed. She’s dressed in an elegant, pricy robe, expensive leather trainers, and a very discernible Yves St. Laurent purse. She wears little makeup, so her style isn’t for show — it’s for her. Very impressive, if you ask me.

Behind her, which is what actually caught my attention when I clicked the shutter is a man whose t-shirt reads, “SHUT UP AND RUN.” No need, dude, she’s harmless. Don’t be racist.

Oxford Street, London, July 2015

2 thoughts on “YSL or “Shut Up and Run”

  1. I snapped a lady and her daughter in full regalia in a supermarket yesterday, It’s not such a great shot but I may post it.
    The T shirt was what caught my eye immediately and I laughed.
    Nice one, Bill.

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