12 thoughts on “Inspiration fi de Nation

      1. Pleasure. I am contemplating having a go at doing some ”Street”, ( would it sound creepy if I said you two are inspirational?) but I’ll be honest I am nervous as hell pointing my camera at people .
        Any tips?

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        1. It doesn’t sound creepy at all. It’s rather flattering, in fact. M and I talked about this when we were shooting the Pride Parade in Brighton, England on Saturday. While it probably merits a blog post, here are the quick things we came up with for people starting out.

          1. If you’re nervous, pick a place with a lot of people. The more people there are, the less subconscious you tend to be (and the less likely they are to notice a photographer).

          2. It seems to be easier to pick busy urban areas than residential ones. Start someplace you’re comfortable.

          3. Remember that most people don’t mind or notice. Of those who notice, most seem to peek to see if you’re taking their photo. For every 1 person who’s objected, I’ve had dozens who either smile, pose, or outright ask me to shoot them.

          4. For men, mostly, people want to see if you’re a pervert. Once they see you’re not stalking pretty women or kids, they stop noticing.

          5. Shoot quickly. If you’re fast enough, even the watchers aren’t sure you shot them.

          6. Set your camera on silent mode, if it has one.

          7. Fast shutter speeds work best, like 1/1000 of a second in bright light.

          8. Jamming a camera right in someone’s face can be intimidating at first. There’s nothing wrong with starting out in a more indirect way. I’ve had a bunch of fun sitting somewhere and letting people pass by or come toward me.

          9. Places with a lot of photographers make you almost invisible.

          10. I’ve never had anyone get mad except 1) drunks (whom I was never shooting), 2) illegal vendors, 3) really ugly people. Okay, #3 was a lie, but they should object.


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