Chinatown, USA: #1 Fresh Noodle

If I were to ever publish a coffee-table book of my photography, the very idea of which amuses me, I think I’d want it to be entitled, Life in Chinatown, USA. I’ve not been to Chinatown in NYC or shot while in San Francisco, but I’m thinking I will. DC’s version is by far my favorite place to shoot, with both places to loiter and to walk around while shooting.

Despite the lack of anyone not named Maria or Bess clamoring for my photos, I’m thinking I might start publishing some of my favorites on either this blog, or, if no one’s interested, on my portfolio blog, which is really just for my own amusement. Given I have over 100 “favorites” I’ll likely be combining some into sets of photos. With that in mind, here’s the first set. Let’s see how it goes from here.


Giving the Noodle eye.


Speak now, or forever hold your piece. (Ew)

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