Half (58%) and Half (42%) ish

I decided to make my post racial! Feel the controversy. I am half man, half environment. I’m assigned a race, yet my DNA is roughly half one thing and half the other. I am half baked, half mad, half in Britain and half in the U.S. The question is, how many halves can one be before he’s whole?

(If you’re wondering, I changed my “race” in this shot merely by applying a red filter. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?)

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7 thoughts on “Half (58%) and Half (42%) ish

  1. I like the half-baked bit but relate more strongly with the half-mad. Put the two together and we get a whole, one can escape through the hole into an alternate reality … furthermore: eeek~!

    But I do like it~! 🙂


      1. Bugger … being loopy opens many doors. (And gets you a seat on the bus, in the cafe, and a gap in a squishy crowd …)

        I think the Islamics may have something there when they say that ‘the mad are the beloved of Allah’ (words to that effect).

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