Santa Lucia in the Mist

La Giudecca Canal in the style of Oil on Canvas.

Santa Lucia in the mist Oil Painting 3

This was fun. 🙂

Love Bess


9 thoughts on “Santa Lucia in the Mist

    1. I don’t have photoshop, although I do use a combination of editing suits, Picasa which is a free Google app, Aperture for Mac, Intensify and Fotor, depending on what I’m trying to create. With all four it’s possible to create endless effects, though I tend to go backwards and forwards between them, sometimes many times before I’m happy.

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      1. I have an ancient edition of Corel Photo Paint, which I’ve been using since 1998, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Got a bunch of plug-ins, which I pirated from various peer to peer sites, that give me an endless array of effects. I love playing with images and transforming them in all sorts of bizarre ways.

        Watch out or you’ll become addicted to photo editing software. Actually, that’s not really a bad thing.


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