1970s Venice – Car Ferry

VIntage Giudecca original_MPHIX

I very much enjoy ageing some of my shots. This time I was trying to capture the essence of a faded 1970s photographic print, the like of which you might see hanging in a doctor’s waiting room. It’s always an interesting challenge when I create these pieces, because I will often have quite a fixed idea of what I want to achieve. The tricky bit is tweaking the settings to match what’s in my head. The version above is pretty much what I envisaged…mostly.

Happy Monday!
Love Bess.


5 thoughts on “1970s Venice – Car Ferry

    1. You will be assimilated…

      Thank you for liking this one. You are often my barometer of these more artistic pieces. I know that if you like it, then it was worth all the effort. πŸ™‚

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