WPC – Door #2 How Door You!

This is definitely a door.

Mercato Enhanced FIn_MPHIX

And this one.

Art Nouveau Door Corugna_MPHIX

Oh, and this Juan…

Granada door with graffiti_MPHIX

What about this one? (Hi…)

Door Selfie Granada_MPHIX

Or even this ol’beast…

Alhambra Giant door_MPHIX

This is one for the fans of monochrome,

Nasrid door BW_MPHIX

These are just some of my Spanish doors, bar the top one which is Venetian. Do I have photos of doors? Um…quite a few…This last one is the door to what was once my Abuela’s (Spanish Grandmother) apartment, and where for a time me and my brother used to live, seen here in the picture with my eldest son.

Puerta de la Abuela_MPHIX

Knock Knock!

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7 thoughts on “WPC – Door #2 How Door You!

      1. In the relativistic world of humans, perception is so very important. There is no black and white. Not even shades of grey. There are infinite shades of infinite colours. Alas, so many are colour blind. Just my opinion


        1. I agree with you for the most part, although I thing tunnel vision is also an appropriate description of what a lot of people suffer with along with the colour blindness that you mention.

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