Poppies and Barley

Poppies and Barley_MPHIX

Yesterday my brother and I went for a 10 mile hike to the quaint little village of Findon. It was a beautiful summer’s day, long awaited this year as the temperatures haven’t been much above 10-16C for months now. The many fields of barley and wheat we crossed looked spectacular in the bright sunshine, swaying softly in the breeze making the landscape look like golden-green velvet.
It’s a bit of a clichéd shot, poppy in amongst tall grasses, but it is the very quintessence of the British countryside, not to mention that I adore poppies, also the combination of red and green happens to be a favourite. I am most impressed with my X30’s macro and super-macro features.


7 thoughts on “Poppies and Barley

    1. Lovely photo, thank you. I used to grow poppies a lot back when I had a garden. My favourites are probably the pure red field poppies that we seem to get in abundance here on the English South Coast. Fabulous things, even though they don’t last very long, one waft of the breeze and the petals are strewn everywhere.

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  1. I was actually thinking more about the singular intoxicant produced by this particular brand of poppy. Rather sets it apart from the rest of the family.


    1. I know, I was right there with you. Oddly morphine is one of those things that as a pain killer I find to be really quite ineffective, but boy is it trippy! I once found myself walking down a grungy New York alleyway whilst having a conversation with my then mother-in-law in a hospital on the South Coast of England. What perhaps surprised me even more was how comfortable I was with having a foot in two realities. Very cool.

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  2. Actually, so was I on seeing the name …

    Back to The Chase: that is indeed a lovely shot~! To get it you’d have had to have gotten up close and personal, right? But itchies all over and bugs in the teeth would be well worth it and a small price to pay. (Being chased by an irate farmer with a shotgun trying to defend his crop against would-be UFO crop-circle nutters—how’s he to know the difference?—is entirely something else). 🙂

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    1. I did, it was very close and personal. I have the scratches and the nettle rashes on my legs and arms to prove it. For some reason the wheat fields made me sneeze, the barley fields not so much. Maybe I’m allergic to aliens, or just nutters. Thankfully no shotgun wielding farmers on site, not this time at least…

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      1. My experience, in the days of my youth, was with opium. A lot like very tarry hash but with quite a different effect. It was long ago and far away but I remember it quite well. An enjoyable experience.


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