Lost in Translation

Some shots are best seen LARGE!

Paris Grunge_MPHIX


8 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. Wow … I see what you mean about “best seen large”.
    On my Mac in Safari it blows huge, lets me explore the intimacies and details. Love that damsel striding it out, and the almost-posed guy at the bus stop(?). Classic posture …

    As for the dude happily in stasis (going placidly amidst the noise and haste …) whilst getting a snap to die forβ€”I’d have missed him at first glance.
    It begs the question: whose is the mobile home in the centre foreground? Is it kamikaze-minded traffic snapper’s?

    I love it!

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    1. Thanks, Argie! I’m glad you like the shot. It’s amazing what we miss when we are going about town minding our business. It’s the kind of detail that makes a good street shot, details invariably that you miss when you click the shutter button, but that you later notice whilst editing. I like to leave the shooting to my subconscious, it does a much better job than my reasoning brain!

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