WPC: Roy G Biv

I’ve got your rainbow right here. Click to see the gallery larger.

Photos were taken in Germantown, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Albuquerque, New Mexico in the US. If you want to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge, click here.

14 thoughts on “WPC: Roy G Biv

  1. Great pic !
    Red is a warm color…
    In the language of flowers, each flower expresses a feeling.
    Red : Symbole of passion, courage, ambition, ardent and passionate love but also the symbol of anger.
    The red flower will be used for a passionate declaration of love πŸ˜€

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    1. It really does, doesn’t it? This from a man who claims not be a nature photographer, at all…😳
      However, as we know dear Argie, flowers are tricky to capture, you have to sneak up on them…

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      1. Pure talent helps despite the hour or age; failing that a few red wines (or Pussers Rums) coupled with midnight sometimes do wonders.

        I love ’em~! (Your shots, that is) (ok, the artistic aids too …)

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  2. Flora of all sorts are always beautiful to behold. I’m particularly fond of such things in a wild setting.

    Great images. Stunning colour and beauty.


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