WPC – Off-Season

A week late, this entry for last week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is definitely now Off-Season. So, with a few morsels of wisdom added for artistic effect, here is my humble offering: a chili but bright winter’s day in the historic town of Canterbury, caught a la Model…

Illusion 2_MPHIX

“Art is an illusion that allows us to make assumptions that have nothing to do with reality. An image creates its own reality, its own story, changing on the heel of subjectivity and furnishing us with thoughts, emotions, and meanings that are ours alone.”

The Great Obi Wan With The Camera

Love Bess…


If you’d like to participate in the Weekly Photo Challenge, contemplate this!



  1. I love the tones in this, and I can definitely see some of Lisette Model’s — not influence — but stylistic elements. It also brings to mind Edward Hopper’s piece, “Nighthawks.”


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    1. Thank you my love. I remember studying Edward Hopper a little when I was younger. I’ve always been attracted to works depicting shop fronts, so I guess it’s no surprise that I’m inspired to shoot such scenes. I’m still not familiar with Model’s work.

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