The Poetry of Images

Wide-eyed Avery_MPHIX

You don’t have to male,
Nor do you have to look stereotypically ‘cool’,
Neither do you have to bear resemblance to the elite ruling class
To be a good street photographer.
Furthermore, the older you are,
The more experience you are likely to have,
And thus, be more able to not only produce a good composition,
But understand what a good composition is.
Good photography takes a lot of practice and dedication.
Good photography requires a creative mind
And an artistic eye.
A good photographer will see the composition
Before they take the shot.
To be a good Street Photographer
You need to think on your feet
And have lightning reflexes.
You need to be intuitive too,
So that you can anticipate the shot
Before it happens.
Good street photographers don’t use tripods,
There isn’t time,
Neither do they discriminate between,
Night and day, black and white
Or colour.
A good street photographer is the camera,
And their equipment is a means to an end.
A good street photographer is invisible.
This kind of skill is not acquired overnight.
This kind of skill takes years to master.
A good Photographer never stops learning.
A good Photographer does not try to be anyone else.
What makes me so good?
What makes you so good?

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