WPC: Off-Season

On the beach in Rustington, West Sussex, UK – Bill


9 thoughts on “WPC: Off-Season

      1. I’ve always loved that about British beaches, they transform so extensively with high and low tide! It’s also amazing how quickly it comes back in, we got rather stick at one point and had to walk along the road instead!


  1. Bend the ‘rules’, who doncha … slanted horizon, spilt central (where’s our thirds, huh?) and generally disturb the equilibrium of We, The Smug.

    And it works. I like!

    Nice one of wee Bess, too~!

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    1. Thanks, Argus. I actually took most of these with my iPhone. I’m getting back to my “normal style” which is to “trust life” in the words of Joel Meyerowitz. Life is crooked, it bends, it’s covered in dirt and shadows. Life is messy. Life makes you hold he camera slanted because you’re eyes are crooked and by correcting that, we are disingenuous, because we’ve chosen not to show people what we see.

      I wish I could claim to be an artist, but the truth is that when I’m shooting, I pay no attention to art. I just shoot what’s interesting to me. Fortunately for me, wee Bess is always interesting. 🙂

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