From the Banal to Biennale

Dirigible Venice

The International Biennale exhibition held annually in Venice during the whole month of August is an impressive thing to experience. There is everything from outdoor cinemas showing vintage movies, to huge sculpture that stride across the Grand Canal, and adorn the gardens of waterfront palaces, many individual exhibitions, and open houses. The Biennale exhibition of 2013 saw giant sculptures not only celebrating womanhood, but altering our perception of the perfect form by erecting towering inflatable statues portraying physical disfigurement and disabilities in new ways. Each piece was about testing our perception of the world around us, physically and conceptually.

Japanese Woman Bust Venice_MPHIX

The above deeply rusted head of a Japanese woman was almost knife-edge flat, giant and imposing, yet serene despite the throng of the summer crowds standing on the Accademia Bridge and filling the passing water-busses like paparazzi trying to capture the strange optical illusion.  It was a genius work of art, and you couldn’t help but be awed by the craftsmanship taken to create it and erect it.

Glass Orchid Venice_MPHIX

Then there were the giant bronze shells polished to a high brassy-yellow finish, and the glass orchid bespeckled with the signature multicoloured design of the Murano glass makers. These breathtaking works of art seemed quite at home in the equally breathtaking sculptural vistas of the ancient floating city of Venice. I can’t say enough how much I love that place.

Brass Shell Venice_MPHIX

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