Reflections of Spain

July 2014, Granada, España – Bill

Our favorite shot of us together.

On the walk down from the Alhambra back to Plaza Nueva, in Granada. When I took the shot, I was mostly looking at her profile and the hat, but the scene is very evocative, I think. I miss Spain. (Click for a larger view.)


The sign reads “DISCOUNTS” or (‘reductions’). I’m guessing it’s from the same root word as rebates in English.

This is totally a Roving Bess-type shot. I think I only took it because I saw her taking some. Now, I see the appeal; it reminds me a lot of Lisette Model’s work, although I don’t do it as well as either my love or Lisette. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Reflections of Spain

  1. I love the ‘other-worldly’ effect in the top shot; and am a sucker for reflections. Perhaps that word might stem from the same root as ‘rebate’—?

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