1960s Paris


Crossing at the Eiffel_MPHIX


Patisserie en Paris_MPHIX


Wedding at the Eiffel_MPHIX


Crepes legs_MPHIX


Man at CDG bus stop_MPHIX

Over the past few months I’ve been playing around with ageing some of my shots. Recently I hit upon a combination of filters that I call ‘Aged Noir’, that to my mind gives a certain quality to my photos that is reminiscent of street photography during the 1950-60s. It gives the shots an almost timeless quality as they are difficult to place as contemporary works unless you are looking for specific details that provide clues. I spent much of that first morning in Paris shooting on ISO 100, which is a bit of a challenge when wandering about being a street shooter, things are likely to be a little blurred, although in these shots it works well I think adding a sense of dynamism and mood that the greats were so good at capturing.

Love Bess

17 thoughts on “1960s Paris

      1. OMG! Sorry lovely Bess. After two busy days looking after kids and dogs my level of concentration has somewhat waned.
        Please substitute Bill for Bess and forgive my error x
        Hope you are ok my friend? I repeat that you equally never fail to impress
        Peas n luv

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        1. That’s quite alright my lovely friend. I take it as a compliment as I am a big fan of Bill’s photography too. But thank you for your kind compliment, Bob. I am doing alright thanks. You must be exhausted! πŸ˜‰
          Bess x


  1. These are great, honey. I love the guy turning in the first shot and the poofy dress. You captured a classic style and modernized it. It reminds me of shooters like Brassai or Dian Arbus.

    I’m am both awed and proud of how quickly you’re growing.

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  2. I. The guy in front of Mohawk guy (Eggbeard) has his head on upside down.
    II. This is a wonderful, artsy shot.
    III. This looks very much like a 1960s shot. She looks like Cinderella here.
    IV. Without the Nutella, no one would know when this shot was taken.
    V. Truman Capote’s grumpy uncle? It always amazes me when people are standing in the way, and then get pissed because they are in the way.

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  3. Had me pondering, that Paris didn’t seem to have changed much … I’d love to (bad dog~!) get loose among those cakes and goodies in the shop window … I remember cafΓ©-cognac in Normandy, and coffee flavoured cream in Paris (oh godsβ€”I’m dribbling again)β€”!

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    1. Ha! I’m glad my little series had the desired effect, my ageing tool has been a success. πŸ™‚
      I have noticed over the years that in Europe there is a penchant for lacing everything with either cognac or rum. We perhaps should have gone into the cake shop and bought some, except you couldn’t seem to buy just one or two cakes, you had to buy a palette load, ok I exaggerate slightly, a box of ten at least. Just too much to carry when sporting cameras as we were.

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