Track A, History of Street Photographers, Part 9

Part 9 in the History of Street Photography: Brassai, Willy Ronis, and Lisette Model

Raw, Naked Art

Part 9 – The Rule Making Epoch: Brassaï to Lisette Model

We are back, after an approximately 6-week break, due to the frenetic pace of life, and, frankly, the lukewarm reception of Part 8. We intend for this series to appeal to more than those simply looking for interwebs shots from the photographers involved. Indeed, I might stop including those shots if that’s the only purpose. As we’ve hit the photographers that influenced, and continue to influence modern street photography, we will increasingly discuss the photographers styles, and importantly why they shot the way the did.

I hope you follow the series and tell your fellow shooters to join in.

Gyula Halász “Brassaï” (Hungary, France) – 1899 to 1984

Brassaï, self-portrait, ca. 1955 Brassaï, self-portrait, ca. 1955

Gyula Halász, popularly known as Brassaï, was born in 1899 in Brassó, Transylvania, a region of Romania that then belonged to Hungary. His father, like many…

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